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星空无限传媒app has been in existence for more than 90 years, and throughout the decades, we've stayed true to our mission of access to quality education for a diverse population. The university is an enduring presence in 星空无限传媒app City and continues to provide educational and economic impact for our students, their families, our communities, and our state.

Our undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs include well-established disciplines, but 星空无限传媒app is also an academic innovator. We're often among the first to introduce degrees in new and emerging fields like Business Analytics and Data Science, Cybersecurity, Educational Technology and more.

Every year, our faculty and staff launch new, forward-looking academic programs. In some cases, our innovation is in how we structure and plan the curriculum. In others, the degree itself is ahead of its time. We know that we are not only preparing our students for that first job, but also for their second and third jobs鈥攋obs that don鈥檛 yet exist and that will be using technologies not yet invented.

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